In November 2017, we had an inspection where we obtained an overall effectiveness as ‘Good’ in all areas. You can download the full report from this page, please click here

We are extremely proud that our school was recognised for the immense hard work that has been put in by our teachers and pupils to get the school to be an overall Good school, working under a very challenging period, and get the school out of ‘Requires Improvement.’ To be recognised as an exceptional establishment, with strengths in all areas is a great accomplishment. Receiving a Good in all categories confirms to us that our students and staff are passionate about what they do and enjoy themselves immensely. A happy school is a good school! We are on an exciting journey to help our teachers and pupils strengthen this huge success, and are working hard within elements of outstanding.

Here are excerpts from our report.


“The quality of teaching is good across the full age range of the school. Pupils make good progress with their learning and are prepared well for further education and employment.”  “Pupils enter the school with a variety of starting points. Over time, they make consistently strong progress. Senior leaders’ recent analysis of teachers’ assessments indicates that progress is good in all year groups and across all subjects. Evidence from the observation of learning, scrutiny of work in pupils’ books and discussions with pupils confirm this view.” “The school’s recent analysis indicates that the most able pupils make particularly strong progress.”

Teaching and Learning:

“The good quality of teaching is based on effective planning and teachers’ strong subject knowledge. Teachers plan learning activities that engage and interest pupils. They make good use of time and ensure that pupils are continuously involved in effective learning.”  “There is a good level of challenge in tasks set for pupils. Staff provide pupils with targets that require continuous development of their knowledge, understanding and individual learning skills. The extent of challenge accelerates appropriately as pupils progress through the year groups.” “Teachers monitor pupils’ learning continuously. They ensure, through the quality of their questioning, that pupils’ knowledge and understanding are deepened and extended. They are aware if any pupil is at risk of falling behind or uncertain about how to complete their work.”

Students Development:

“The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good. Pupils develop confidence in themselves and in their ability to respond to the challenges provided for them. They are proud of their work, their achievements and their school.” “Teachers expect pupils to develop independence and take responsibility for their own learning. Pupils respond positively and recognise the level of application and determination that is required to achieve the best from their education.” “A major strength of pupils’ personal development is their ability and willingness to listen with respect to the ideas and contributions of others. They develop the ability to present balanced and well-reasoned views about social and moral issues.” Older pupils value the advice they receive about future career opportunities and courses of further study. They appreciate the opportunity to learn about the expectations of the workplace as they take part in work experience placements.” “They value the careers guidance the school provides and each pupil in Year 11 is clear about her preferred pathway through further and higher education towards an ambitious career.”


“The curriculum ensures that all pupils have access to the required areas of learning. Pupils enjoy and benefit from the opportunity to study art alongside their academic subjects. The school’s further plans include the review of the range of subjects taught to GCSE level.” “The school celebrates Islamic values and promotes pupils’ understanding of British values. Pupils have access to a balanced range of experiences that prepare them effectively for life in modern Britain. For example, pupils in Year 11 speak passionately about the recent opportunity provided to organise a ‘general election’ within the school.” “The curriculum and the quality of pupils’ relationships with staff raise pupils’ aspirations. They enjoy opportunities to take part in work experience and appreciate the range of further education courses available to them.”

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