Our Facilities

School History and Facilities

Alhamdulillah, Al-Aqsa Primary School began in September 1998 with four pupils and one teacher, in a room rented from the Islamic Foundation at the Markfield Conference Centre 10 miles from Leicester. By the time the school left Markfield for its current premises in July 2004, it had 84 pupils and a waiting list of around 300.

The primary classes of Al-Aqsa now occupy the old Coleman Infant School site, bought from Leicester City Council and refurbished for their present use. Parts of the building date back to the 19th century, when what is now the Prayer Hall and ICT room formed part of a farm. The local education authority converted the cow shed and stables into a school in 1922, adding extra classrooms in 1932 and again after the Second World War. Because of this unusual history, three World War II air raid shelters still exist under the buildings housing Years 3/4 and Years 5/6, and under the playground.


The school facilities now include eight classrooms, a multi-purpose Prayer Hall, dedicated ICT Suite and playground, alhamdulillah, serving 240 children. Pupils at Al-Aqsa come from all over the city of Leicester and as far away as Loughborough. Several families have moved from other parts of the country and even Europe in order to attend the school, masha’Allah.

In January 2012 the trustees completed the purchase of the building next door; the old Coleman Junior School had been used by the council as a senior school referral unit. The purpose-built site offers nine classrooms, including a science laboratory, craft workshop and art room, as well as an ICT suite.


The school is situated on The Wayne Way at its junction with Clumber Road and The Langhill, near to Coleman Road in the North Evington area of Leicester.