Drop Off & Pick Up

We recognise that the start and end of the school day can be extremely busy. As a result, we encourage children to walk or cycle to school.


If you use a car to drop your children off we would request that you are considerate to the residents living in the area. Please do not park on yellow lines, in front of driveways or immediately around the vicinity of the school (i.e. the small sections of Clumber Road & The Langhill immediately outside the school) .  There is plenty of on-street parking within seconds of the school which permits safe parking.  We are committed to keeping everyone safe so request that you follow the rules we set out in order to avoid any accidents.

Early Arrival

There are an increasing number of parents who drop their children off in the playground and leave before the whistle is blown at 08.25am.  Please note that the school only becomes responsible for your child once the whistle has been blown.  If you need to drop them early due to other commitments, please make arrangements with other parents/relatives.  Leaving them unsupervised is a safeguarding/health & safety concern. If parents continue to do this persistently, they will be asked to sign a form declaring that they understand the risks associated with this.

Late arrivals

If children arrive late to school they should enter the school via the main entrance, they will be escorted to class by a member of staff. Entrance via the main offices allows us to register them to ensure they are accounted for and safe.

End of the Day

Children exit the buildings onto the school playgrounds. Staff are on duty to ensure that children are collected. If for unseen circumstances you are unable to pick up your child or are going to be late, please contact the school office as soon as possible so we can let your child know. Children are encouraged to wait with the duty teachers if they are unsure of arrangements.  If you are asking somebody else to pick up your child, please ensure you ring the office and provide a password.  We will not release your child to anybody without these arrangements. Please note that any child in year 2 or below, should not be picked up by a another sibling from the school, they must be picked up by parents.

In April 2016, the school introduced fines for parents who persistently pick their children up late. Any child (from the primary) who is picked up between 3.10pm and 3.20pm  will be charged £5, 3.20pm-3.30pm will incur a further £5 and so on in ten minute intervals.  For secondary, families will be charged £5 from 3.25pm onwards in ten minute intervals. One off emergencies will not be charged so long as the school office is informed.