• Grey pinafore dress (long, below the knees) (Winter) / Green summer dress (long, below the knees) (Summer)
  • Grey trousers underneath the dress (Winter) / White trousers (Summer) (Key Stage 2 upwards)
  • Grey/White tights (Early Years & Reception)
  • A white, long-sleeved blouse underneath the pinafore
  • A bottle green cardigan or sweatshirt
  • Black, flat-soled shoes. No trainers allowed at all, except during PE lessons. Boots are permitted, however only up to the ankles
  • Grey or black socks


  • Dark grey trousers
  • Grey thobe or white shirt
  • Bottle green sweatshirt
  • Black shoes. No trainers are allowed at all, except during PE lessons
  • White cap
  • Grey or black socks

PE uniform

  • Grey jogging trousers
  • White polo shirt
  • Key stage 2 girls should wear a long (at least knee length for Year 5 and 6) white top
  • Trainers (Not to be worn to school, must be carried in a bag)

Reception and Year 1 children can wear their PE clothes from home, insha’allah.

All other pupils must wear normal uniform and get changed into their PE kit at school.

Please note that if your children are not wearing the correct uniform you will be asked to either bring the correct items in or take the children home. Also, at the end of every school year we are left with a mountain of discarded items of clothing. Please make sure that children’s names are written on all items of clothing insha’allah.


The following uniform items will be available from the The Islamic Establishment, 68 Asfordby Street, Leicester, LE5 3QG:

Uniform Item Price
Black abaya with collar

Stitched logo on the sleeve

Black cardigan

Stitched logo on the sleeve

Grey scarf

Black tubular inner hat

£3 x 2 = £6


PE – White T-Shirt

Stitched logo to left chest

Total £54

(prices correct as of 2016)

Further uniform and stationery items required:

Items School’s Requirements What will not be allowed
Trousers Trousers to be worn under the abayas should be of a decent height, leg width and must be plain black Printed, coloured trousers

Jeans or leggings

Safety pins or closed pins/clips Safety pins or closed pins/clips to hold scarves down Hat pins
Socks Socks to be above the ankles and plain black Sports socks
Shoes Plain black shoes

Preferably without laces due to the frequent visits to the masjid

Jogging bottoms Plain black Logo/branding
School bag A good size and appropriate bag that can hold several books A4 in size, without being forced Handbag
Drawstring bag Black drawstring bag to bring trainers into school Trainers to be worn to school
Stationery Pens – blue/black/red



Geometry box

Scientific calculator

Glue stick





ICT/Computer Science:

USB Stick


Watercolour palette

Oil pastels

Black fine-liner pen

Pack of art pencils (suitable for sketching)

Assorted canvas 3 pack (available from Wilko)