Al-Aqsa School Madrasa 2018-2019

Aims and objectives

  1. To offer a madrasa that runs straight after school and during term time only.
  2. To develop correct pronunciation and reading of the Quran.
  3. To do Hifdh (memorisation) of Juz Amma and more where possible.
  4. To learn aspects of Islam, manners/etiquettes, aqeedah, fiqh, islamic history/about the Prophets, and develop an attachment to the deen.
  5. To memorise a selection of du’aas.
  6. To do a little homework.
  7. To encourage a sharing/caring attitude.
  8. To practise self improvement through practising a value per week or fortnight.

The madrasa is run 3 times a week; on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. It starts at 3.00 pm and finishes at 4.45 pm. It only runs during term time.

There are 2 groups:

  • FS2 and Year 1
  • Year 2- Year 6

A typical day looks like:

3.00-3.15         Fruit time (children share their fruits)

3.15-3.20         Plan of the day/Check homework

3.20-3.45         Qaidah/Quran testing by teacher and practise of new lesson.

3.45-4.15         Hifdh testing by teacher and practise of new lesson.

4.15-4.40         Islamic studies Safar book

Arabic Handwriting Practice

Dua memorisation

Reflecting on and journaling about what we are grateful for

4.40-4.45        Flash cards with frequently occurring words in the Quran.

Madrasa Fees:

£38 per child per month / £3.25 per child per lesson.

As previously mentioned, classes are run 3 times a week. However, we are actively looking to make it to 5 days a week. We are also trying to extend our madrasa provisions to the secondary girls.

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