Collaborative Care & Support Policy

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Staff at Al-Aqsa School believe in regular and meaningful parental engagement to ensure children make the right progress in the right learning environment.  The CCS policy is an umbrella policy which uses the continuum/windscreen of need model often utilized in Social Care settings.  It uses the Red, Amber Green ratings to help assess the level of need that children have within the school, in order to manage effective interventions as early and as constructively as possible.

  • Green: Most children fall into this category.  They do not require additional support outside the existing school’s academic, pastoral and adab management policy.
  • Amber:  This is where many children who have barriers to progress their learning ‘fall between the net’. From the outset, we identify the bottom quartile in each year group (primary)/subject (for secondary) and work with parents to set up an Individual Education Plan which is monitored on a half-termly basis. 
  • Red: This covers the schools Special Educational Needs and Disability policy, and as such, we use the Special Educational Needs & Disability code of practice to determine our approach.

The classification of children in these categories is fluid, and is managed via a  central register, children often move in and out of the categories as they make progress within the school.

For more information, please click the relevant policy below. If you would like to discuss them further in context to your child, please contact the school office to make an appointment with your class teacher.


CCS Policy


Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy